Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Another Loss

When the disassembly of the red barn across from the train station began last December, Gossips was quick to assure readers that the building was being deconstructed to be reconstructed, and there was no need for keening and hand wringing.

But cue the mourners, we lost something irreplaceable on that site today: the magnificent cottonwood tree that stood in front of the building.

Back in 2011, Gossips did a series of posts called "Showcasing Hudson's Great Trees." This cottonwood was one of the trees featured in the series.

The Conservation Advisory Council has declared 2021 "The Year of the Tree." In addition to creating a Tree Inventory and Urban Forestry Management Plan, one of the goals the CAC is working toward is having the City adopt a tree ordinance and establish a tree board. If these things were in place, it may not be the case that every tree would be preserved, but people wanting to cut down a tree would have to justify the need, and trees could not be wantonly felled without good reason. If there were a tree ordinance and a tree board today, we would know why this grand old cottonwood tree had to come down.


  1. There are so many things on City Hall's agenda, but this issue really should be dealt with. No trees, no future.
    Last year our DPW expanded the Washington Street parking lot across from the fire statiion and in the process killed at least 4 trees. Did Rob Perry let anyone know this was going to happen? Not at any of the public meetings I attended. Does he care? Probably not. This is going to be the challenge - getting City Hall to understand the importance of all trees and make property owners get permission to fell any tree. BILL HUSTON

  2. why did you need to murder the cottonwood Ben Fain? you lost a neighbor and customer today.