Monday, February 15, 2021

Sterling Seeks Her Replacement for 2022

Sarah Sterling, Hudson's First Ward Supervisor, has announced that she will not be running again.

"A candidate for supervisor can expect to be spending 10 to 20 hours a week on the job," Sterling advises, "since each supervisor is on three to four committees, in addition to attending meetings of the full Board of Supervisors. Good management, financial, and negotiating skills are a plus." She adds, "This can be a challenging and rewarding experience for anyone who wants to make a difference in local government."

With the primary election on June 22, and petitioning starting on March 2, now is the time to find out if this job is for you. For more information on running, reach out to the County County Board of Elections. Sterling recommends that you go to and explore the website. Much information can be found there about all aspects of the county's operation. If you wish to contact Sterling for more information, she can be reached at


  1. Will be a great loss to Hudson and Columbia County

  2. There's no one to replace Sarah Sterling!!!! She was a great neighbor to us and got us our first home.

  3. I would like to add quickly that the deadline for party enrollment changes to participate in the primary was extended to today.

    If you are not currently registered as a Democrat but would like to vote in this years Dem primary, you need to update your party enrollment at the Columbia County Board of Elections TODAY.

    Please go in-person to the Columbia County Board of Elections at 401 State St. by 4 pm today (16 Feb.)

  4. Thanks Sarah for your commitment and good service.

  5. Thanks all! I'm not gone yet. You have me until December 31.