Saturday, February 6, 2021

We've Still Got It

This may is old news to some, but Hudson was included, along with such places as Telluride, Colorado, and Kennebunkport, Maine, in Travel & Leisure's list, published earlier this week, of desirable small town destinations: "11 of the Best Small Town in America."  

Photo: Barry Winiker|Getty Images


  1. That’s great news for Hudson.
    Now let’s make every street in Hudson a part of the Best Small Town.

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  3. Anyone living in or visiting Hudson who heads to Promenade Park today, 6 days after the snowfall, to take in the awesome view of the chunky river and snowy mountains, will have to walk on about 50 feet of uneven packed snow, also known as ice, to get to the fence. DPW cleared snow from the entrance lot, the 2 sets of stairs, most of the path that leads around one set of stairs, AND NOTHING ELSE. DPW, as always, did not remove any snow from the main surface of the park that is, even in the cold of winter, a popular destination for visitors and locals. The paths to and from the sidewalk were also untouched. Our city may not be the best, but DPW certainly is.
    I haven't read the article, but wouldn't be surprised if it suggests heading to Promenade Park for a stunning view of nature. And ice. B Huston

  4. Kennebunkport Maine ??? Its become a soulless tourist town in the summer and a dead zone in the winter. Perhaps the writers ideas of a Best Small Town are squed.imho

  5. A reminder that Hudson's standing among tourist destinations around the country could be in jeopardy if the townspeople and government foolishly take it for granted. Which is not a far-fetched idea at the present. Insensitive developments by insensitive developers pressuring town councils is not stewardship. The gift that is Hudson deserves better. Selling out to zealous profiteers is no way to run a city. The charm of Hudson is its accessible scale surrounded by natural beauty. This is irrefutable. It presents itself as a large town rather than a city. It shares this trait with its fellow desingnees on the list. Accessibility and beauty is paramount for success. By expanding the 'town' every which way while ignoring the lesson of scale, is indeed foolhardy.