Friday, February 26, 2021

The Political Scene in Hudson

The Hudson City Democratic Committee (HCDC) is in disarray. Monica Byrne resigned not long after being appointed to the committee in January. Steve Dunn, Virginia Martin, and John Kane resigned after the HCDC's February 16 meeting, although Kane didn't make his resignation official until February 23. Kate Treacy, who chairs the committee, now made up of Abdus Miah, Dewan Sarowar, Shershah Mizan, Billy Hughes, Verity Smith, and herself, was quoted in the Register-Star as saying, "I'm really optimistic about the opportunities that the HCDC has to rebuild the committee in a more inclusive way."

Meanwhile, candidates endorsed by the Working Families Party keep announcing their intentions to run. Claire Cousin is running for First Ward supervisor, Tiffany Garriga is challenging Abdus Miah for Second Ward supervisor, and today, Michael Hofmann announced he is running for city treasurer, with the endorsement of the WFT. What follows is the press release from Hofmann received by Gossips late this afternoon.

Michael Hofmann proudly announces his candidacy for the 2021 election for Treasurer of the City of Hudson, NY.
"I am thrilled to take the next step in public service and leadership here in Hudson," Hofmann states. "This campaign is an enormous opportunity for us to take a fresh and critical look at our finances and operations, and engage in constructive public discussion about how Hudson can recover from its pandemic-induced losses."
Hofmann looks forward to using his campaign to share plans to upgrade city technological infrastructure, improve the accessibility of Hudson's financial data, and develop new revenue streams for the city. He notes, "Our budget is inherently a moral document--like all other work of elected officials, we have a responsibility to taxpayers to approach city finances both holistically and diligently, with an eye toward justice and equity."
Hofmann is the co-founder of Citizens of Hudson, a social justice initiative focused on project-based progressive action and increasing local civic engagement. A fierce advocate for racial justice and the welfare of Hudson's workers, Hofmann is grateful to be endorsed by the Working Families Party (WFP):
"WFP is excited to endorse Michael Hofmann for Treasurer of Hudson. In 2020, Hofmann co-founded the social justice coalition Citizens of Hudson, which advocates for police reform and affordable housing through research and policy development. Co-author of the Hudson Breathe Act, Hofmann is a bold supporter of racial and economic justice. His campaign, if successful, would be an important move for the city towards more inclusive and transparent budgeting that supports all residents."
--Karen Scharff, Chair, Capital District WFP
Hofmann's professional background is in non-profit arts development and administration, and he currently serves as the Development Operations Manager for the Fisher Center at Bard. "I know my diverse skill set and experience in fundraising, grant management, and communications will prove to be valuable assets as Treasurer," Hofmann adds. "I aim to use my expertise to make Hudson's finances easier to understand, so that more citizens can be knowledgeable about and participate meaningfully in the budgeting process."
If elected, Hofmann would be Hudson's first openly queer Treasurer.
And so ends the press release. 


  1. Dear Michael

    the City of Hudson finances are easy to understand.

    Expenses far exceed revenues and there are not enough taxpayers to support the City.

    If you spend more than you take in, you go broke.

  2. Again, another blow in telling us how they want to run our city.

    1. The blow-ins blew in because they know better than those in the places they've left. And since they're the ones they've been waiting for, their arrival alone recommends them. What's so hard to understand about that?

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