Thursday, February 18, 2021

Galvan Announces Yet Another Project

Gossips just received the following press release from the Galvan Foundation about another project planned for the section of the city now being called the "Depot District."
Galvan Foundation today announced that Return Brewing will open a restaurant and brewery in the historic Gifford Foundry Building, at 724 Columbia Street. The team at Return Brewing will bring local ingredients, innovative menus, and cutting-edge beers to Hudson’s budding Depot District.
The Gifford Foundry Building, built in 1856, originally housed one of Hudson’s most successful iron manufacturing companies. Owned by Elihu Gifford, father of famed Hudson River School painter Sanford Gifford, the building served the Gifford family for decades, as their business grew to specialize in producing industrial tools and machinery. Return Brewing plans to open the restaurant and brewery in six months, introducing a new chapter for the Gifford Foundry Building.
Return Brewing marks the third craft brewer planned for the Depot District area. 

The other two are the crafter brewers referenced are the brewery expected to open in the former Hudson Upper Depot, now known as Galvan Depot, and the Columbia Filling Station, planned for 735 Columbia Street. There are unconfirmed rumors that the plan for 735 Columbia Street has been abandoned.


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  2. Maybe they should convert the old library into a brewery! That seems to be popular this week.

  3. I think the brewery that was planned for TJ's Auto on Columbia is not happening, as there is a new "for sale" sign out in front.

  4. As a card-carrying member of the American Homebrewers Association, I must say that the idea of converting the old library into a brewery would be a noble goal.

  5. Hallelujah hallelujah!
    Is Hudson on it’s way to return to those grand ole days of 50+ Watering holes?
    Ah, now if only the block could return and gambling joints too.

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  7. Innovative menus and cutting edge beer (think pricey!) adjacent to a gas station. Can't wait.