Wednesday, February 10, 2021

The Future of the Pocketbook Factory

The building at Sixth and Washington streets, originally one of the locations of Union Mills and now known as the Pocketbook Factory for its most recent manufacturing use, is one of the few surviving remnants of Hudson's industrial past. 

A recent years, its design has inspired the design of other buildings proposed for Hudson. The original design for the buildings proposed by the Hudson Housing Authority, to be constructed at State and Second streets, was inspired, we were told, by the Pocketbook Factory.

It was also thought that an early design for the building proposed the Galvan Foundation for 75 North Seventh Street may have been inspired by the Pocketbook Factory.

But what of the iconic building itself? What does the future hold for this historic building which has stood vacant for so long?

This morning, Gossips learned of the plans for the Pocketbook Factory from Sean Roland, one of the new owners of the building.
We­ are pleased to announce that PBF Hudson LLC has purchased the Pocketbook Factory from the Eleanor Ambos Foundation. We are a group of local creatives and entrepreneurs who are members of the Hudson community and believe in thoughtful growth, and our goal is to revitalize the property so that it can be widely enjoyed. We are in the early planning stages of developing the project, which will include a mix of commercial uses including art, hospitality, and community space. We are looking forward to engaging with the public and the municipality in the coming months. To get in touch, please contact Sean Roland and Gabriel Katz. We can be reached at


  1. The building could not be in better hands.

  2. Not owned by Galvan? How wonderful !

  3. Eleanor was so pleased to have met Gabriel and Sean and realized that they were the perfect people to secure a beautiful future for the Pocketbook Factory in a way that is good for Hudson and for the world. We at the Eleanor Ambos Foundation look forward to seeing this project bloom!

  4. Let's see what they do about parking.

  5. This is very exciting. Thank you to everyone who worked hard at putting this together. I am so excited to see what develops. The right people st the right time. Congratulations to all involved.

  6. So Hudson IS allowed good news !!!