Tuesday, August 5, 2014

New Enterprise on Warren Street

Brian Branigan and Allison Culbertson, the creators and former proprietors of the food truck Tortillaville, have embarked on a new mobile mechandising venture: Truck Shop.

The bright blue truck, which is a kind of gift shop on wheels, was parked this past Saturday and Sunday on Warren Street, at the top of the 400 block. Jewelry, mostly designed by Culbertson and some vintage pieces, photographs by Branigan, a variety of oils and emulsions, handmade bags, and other items were displayed for sale inside the truck.

Selling goods from a truck (or a cart) is a time-honored alternative to maintaining a brick-and-mortar shop and, it would seem, a shrewd one, given the high cost of rent for commercial space on Warren Street these days. Food trucks peacefully coexist with restaurants on Warren Street, offering a different dining experience from what's provided by restaurants, why shouldn't shops on wheels be able to coexist with traditional retail shops, offering a different shopping experience? That seems to be the thinking of Branigan and Culbertson, but will it be shared by the owners of the brick-and-mortar shops?

By coincidence this past weekend, perhaps making some abstrusely prescient statement about the future of retail stores, while Truck Shop was parked just up the block, Alexandra Dewez shared the news that Harvey's Counter "will soon no longer be a brick and mortar operation."

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  1. In order to do it right, a mobile shop has to respect other businesses; have a city permit, not parked in front of another shop, or sell things that are similar to a shop nearby. Other than that a mobile shop such as Truck Shop can help broaden the appeal of Hudson, and bring more press and foot traffic for all. It could perhaps even become an money saving alternative for brick and mortar shop owners. It also allows shop owners to take slow winter months off. If that is of interest, we at www.hudsondesign.us will build out and paint any truck for anyone who is interested, even a brick and mortar - who might like to add a mobile unit.