Thursday, August 14, 2014

Vagabond Venus

On Monday, John Isaacs suggested that, instead returning to her rightful place on the fountain in Seventh Street Park, Venus could be installed in the little park at the crossroads of Columbia, Green, and State streets. There's some weird justice in that suggestion, since the Olympic Torch which Venus would presumably be displacing was installed there in the 1970s by the Kiwanis Club, the same folks who displaced Venus in 1975 to create "Inspiration Fountain," which is what's in the park now. 

Yesterday, on his blog Hudson Urbanism, Matthew Frederick picked up on the notion of relocating Venus, making some of his own suggestions: "Some new homes for Venus."


  1. Other potential locations:
    The entrance to Fish and Game.
    At the head of Eric Galloway's pool.
    Next to St. Winifred on Promenade Hill.
    Outside the Basilica.
    Midway down the South Second street stairs.
    Next to the Rick's Point sign.
    Inside the Amtrak Station.
    Suspended upside down in the middle of Warren Street across from the DAR.

    1. on top of the bathrooms at the waterfront
      savoys courtyard
      the armory
      in the gazebo at courthouse square
      in a random garage
      where she belongs
      the center of 7th street park

    2. Such displays of imagination... let's never be critical about anything in the past! The past was perfect! Why, people always did things better in the past than they do now!

    3. you forgot: Abramovic's palace!

  2. Vincent
    Your suggestions perfect mine! Genius!
    I'm still laughing.

  3. on the original Venus monument she was atop a large pan which stood upon a pillar, now gone, this thing was eighteen feet high, a drunk knocked it over breaking the pan. placed in the corner of the park Venus was trashed by a couple of drunk teens. repaired and returned to her post Venus is hit by a drunk driver. she has a history! put her in AA.!.

  4. oh you bunch of merry about back home to 7th St. Park, move the existing fountain to the entrance of Promenade Hill where it will be seen at the West end of Hudson, alighting the night & an improvement to the entrance of the "peoples" park.

  5. How can I put a pic of St. Winifred on here, circa approx. late 40's early 1950's???

    1. You can't put pictures in the comments. Not my choice, but Blogger's.

  6. Thank you for info.. it was a fair pic showing a couple relatives and basically some bushes around the trees near it...