Monday, August 11, 2014

The Fate of the Fountain

At the meeting last Thursday about the proposed "re-imagining" of Seventh Street Park, once known as the Public Square, there was general support, among those who showed up, for restoring the 19th-century fountain, which was lamentably "updated" in the 1970s. There was general uncertainty, however, about the fate of the parts of the fountain, in particular the statue of Venus.

Since 2006, the statue of Venus has been stored in a garage belonging to the Department of Public Works on North Second Street. Prior to that, since 1998 when it was removed from its perch on a cement slab in the northwest corner of the park, the statue was stored in a garage behind 444 Warren Street.

In February 2012, Gossips, with the assistance of Pat Fenoff, city historian, published three posts about the Venus fountain and its fate. The links to those posts follow:
"Where's Venus?"  February 2, 2012
"More About Venus and the Fountain"  February 2, 2012
"The Fall of Venus Rising from the Sea"  February 4, 2012


  1. Wow, it's much more intact than I thought. Where do we begin to restore it. Thanks Carole

  2. If we can restore the fountain, it will be "The Re-birth of Venus" and a lovely centerpiece for uptown Hudson.

  3. we are presently experiencing Aquarius super moon with Venus in conjunction. Perfect timing for a Venus resurrection.

  4. Bring Venus back!!
    I wish the woman designing the New Park would make this happen.
    Apparently she is not in the least bit interested. That is very sad for Hudson.