Sunday, August 10, 2014

A Loss to Hudson

Sad news spread through the Hudson community yesterday: Perry Cooney had died. 

An artist, Cooney is best known to the people of Hudson as the co-owner, with Alana Hauptmann, his wife, of the Red Dot Restaurant & Bar. Cooney designed and built the spaces that the Red Dot inhabits--the bar, the dining room, the garden--and through the years has been a hearty and genial presence there. 

Cooney's contribution to the revival and vitality of Hudson--as the creator of the Red Dot and as an outspoken advocate for the well-being of our community--is impossible to measure. He will be sorely missed by all who knew him.

Cooney in 2004 speaking out against the City entering into a host agreement with St. Lawrence Cement
--Screenshot from Two Square Miles
Hauptmann and Cooney at the Red Dot's 15th anniversary celebration on July 14, 2014
--Photo by Marc Bryan Brown


  1. Terrible news to start off a beautiful Sunday morning. Always had great conversations with Perry when I'd run into him on Warren Street. He will be sorely missed and I send my condolences to Alana and everyone at The Red Dot. RIP dear Perry!

  2. It was a privilege to know Perry. Hudson is the poorer for his absence, and we have much that is tangible by which to remember him.