Thursday, August 21, 2014

More Images from the Mystery Album

Since Sunday, Gossips has been publishing pictures from a family photo album that started out in Hudson and ended up in Mary Heinrich Aloi's antique shop in South Burlington, Vermont. The pictures in the album are believed to date from around 1911 to 1919, and the people who now have custody of the album are hoping to identify the family in the pictures and return the album to their descendants.

More pictures from the album were posted on Flickr today, but, although immensely interesting to students of Hudson history, they offer little help in identifying the people whose album it is, unless, of course, someone reading Gossips recognizes a grandmother or grandfather (or a great grandmother or great grandfather) in one of the pictures. In these pictures, members of the family, or perhaps family members and friends, appear posing at the back of St. Winifred on Promenade Hill, swimming (could it be at Sandy Beach?), sitting at the edge of the river, and with a horse at what appears to be a brickyard.

Photos courtesy Mary Heinrich Aoli, Vintage Inspired Lifestyle Marketplace, and John and Susan Roberts

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  1. The last photo is probably a drying yard for brickmaking (a significant industry of the area in those days).