Thursday, August 14, 2014

Galvan Watch

John Mason has an article today, based on a press release from the Galvan Foundation announcing the award of $3.4 million in New Market Tax Credit financing: "Galvan gets $3.4M for Armory, other projects." 

The article contains a couple of bits of puzzling information. It mentions 344 Warren Street as one of the buildings to be renovated with the funds, but according to the tax rolls for 2014, Galvan doesn't own 344 Warren Street. It also indicates that Paula Forman's afterschool program, Perfect Ten, will be temporarily housed in a Galvan building at the corner of State and Prospect streets while the the space on the third floor of the Officers' Hall in the Armory is made ready for them to lease, but there is no such corner. State and Prospect run parallel to one another.


  1. I passed the East corner of State and 5th last night and Perfect 10 staff and young people were out in the yard. The house "kitty corner" to the Armory.

  2. Pretty sure, if you were to ask Paula, Perfect 10 will be on the corner of North 5th St and Prospect.
    South East Corner.

  3. The U.S. Department of the Treasury's Community Development Financial Institutions Fund (CDFI Fund) IS Taxpayer money.,with rules,regs and accountability.
    Hudson Development Corp.'s Grant writers could greatly benefit with a tutorial ,from Galvan Grant generators team.
    Please do not get me wrong,this is great news for the girls of "Perfect Ten" but R.S.article spends the bulk of it's article to describe the benefits for Perfect Ten,an already multiple grant recipient from Galvan. Much is quotes by P.T. Founder, Director ,Paula Foreman, multiple recipients of Galvan grants, and little of Galvan's press release. Unless Phil Foreman has stepped down as Treasurer for Perfect Ten or resigned from HPC, this by Law will be finally the definitive end of HPC member, Phil Foreman commenting or voting on any Galvan Project, brought before HPC.
    From this R.S. article,the rest of the use of the New Market Tax Credit monies ,for the Armory and various other Galvan locations with this"grant", remains sketchy at best, without any hard numbers.
    Since P.T. will be leasing this space from Galvan,will that rent come from P.T.'s Galvan Grants or also be in addition to (from R.S.)" the Additional funds for equipping and furnishing the space, will come from the Hudson Area Association Library and the city of Hudson" ?

  4. Jeffrey,l You are correct...I had my corners mixed up..Should read 5th and Prospect....But there was activity there last night.