Thursday, August 7, 2014

Get Ready for September 9

On September 9, there is a primary election for registered Democrats in Hudson and the rest of New York State. Governor Andrew Cuomo, recently snarkily referred to somewhere as "Cuomo the Lesser," is being challenged as the Democrats' candidate for governor in November by a Fordham law professor with an unusual name, Zephyr Teachout, and Randy Credico, the comedian and political activist who describes himself as "the most progressive candidate since Franklin D. Roosevelt." Also in the September primary, Kathy Hochul, Cuomo's choice for lieutenant governor, is being challenged by Teachout's running mate, Tim Wu.

On Tuesday, Teachout was officially endorsed by the Progressive Change Campaign Committee, and the Huffington Post reports she thinks "the political wind is at her back." Teachout promises to "break with Cuomo's agenda by banning fracking for natural gas, increasing public school funding and establishing a system of public financing for elections to create a buffer between special interest money and the political process."

This Sunday, August 10, Teachout will make a campaign stop in Hudson at noon at Basilica Hudson. The event, which is free and open to all, is being billed as an opportunity to "meet the only progressive, anti-corruption, anti-fracking Democratic candidate for governor."

To vote in the September 9 primary, you must be registered as a Democrat. The deadline for new voter registration is August 15. The deadline for change of address for voters already registered in August 20.


  1. Carole, can't Republicans and Independents vote in the September 9 Primary?

  2. There is nothing for them to vote on in the primary. The Republican party already has its candidate: Rob Astorino. The Independence party will probably not have its own candidate but will endorse a major party candidate. So, there are no primaries for those parties. Only registered Democrats get to vote to choose the party's candidate.

  3. The Independence Party gave the line to Mr. Cuomo, although a Teachout win in the Dem primary would pose some interesting questions for the Governor on Lines D and E. My read on Astorino is the same as we heard from the NJ Governor. He cannot win.
    If Cuomo wins the Dem primary, he likely beats Astorino by 15 and Green candidate Howie Hawkins picks up the disaffected progressives, possibly taking the C line for the next four years.
    If Teachout wins, and Andy vacates the minor lines, she likely wins in November.
    All of this assume Z prevails in court on her right to run.