Saturday, August 30, 2014

Waterfront Watch

It has been mentioned at a couple of public meetings that the Hudson Development Corporation (HDC) is working on a master plan for the waterfront. Relevant to that, Gossips discovered this morning that an RFP (request for proposal) has been issued for "qualified consultants to deliver a response to proposals for the engineering and highest and best use for the Dunn Warehouse located on Hudson's historic Waterfront."

The RFP provides the following Project Overview (boldface italic type is as it appears in the document):
The City of Hudson is seeking an architectural/engineering consultant to provide professional services to: [1] Evaluate existing conditions within the Dunn Building, inclusive of all structural and building envelope elements; and [2] identify adaptive reuse possibilities for the structure. The deliverable must provide sufficient information for the issuance of a request for proposals for redevelopment of the building.
The entire RFP can be read here.   


  1. Both City and State promised, when the RR entrapped county fisherfolk, hunters and trappers, that they would never be denied access.

    City of Hudson Inc, owns the park, sidewalk and street, HDC Inc owns the Dunn building.

    No one owns the water. There should be a clear pathway to the river and lovers of land, now block Navigational use.

    1. City legal staff, transferring their obligation to promote Navigation, to HDC, "our " benevolent development corporation.

      Municipal land laundering.