Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Reaction to Proposed Development

Arthur Cusano reports, in today's Register-Star, on the reaction at last night's Board of Education meeting to the notion of developing 33 acres of land belonging to HCSD for market rate housing: "City school officials unsure of property deal."


  1. BOE president Kelly Frank's questions about this idea are sound. The cart is way before the horse on this trial balloon. The City Council needs to get its tax house in order before embarking on some pie-in-the-sky scheme that destroys more valuable open space. --peter meyer

  2. While it may not be wise to develop this particular plot, it is definitely high time for Hudson to spread its wings. If this city is going to survive, we need more/new housing to solve our tax problem. Its not the only tool in the box, but a larger population means a more evenly distributed tax base. It will also help to take the pressure off existing housing, which is getting expensive. Just try renting anything in Hudson right now. It will cost you dearly.