Saturday, August 30, 2014

Mayor Unhappy With Legal Committee

For the past couple of Common Council Legal Committee meetings, the mayor's proposal to remedy the problems of parking on streets around the hospital by introducing parking permits for residents has been on the agenda. It seems though that Mayor William Hallenbeck is not happy with the work the legislative branch has been doing on his proposed law. "They're turning my proposal into a monster by continuing to dissect [it]," the mayor told John Mason of the Register-Star. 

The mayor wanted work on the new legislation suspended after Columbia Memorial Hospital announced its new affiliation with Albany Medical Center, thinking that perhaps Albany Med's involvement might somehow change the game. The members of the Legal Committee rejected the notion that CMH's "strategic alliance" with Albany Med would have any impact on solving the immediate parking problems for residents of streets near the hospital and have been moving ahead.

Mason reports on the latest struggle within local government in today's Register-Star"Mayor wants parking plan put on hold."


  1. More than anything else, the "strategic alliance" between Columbia Memorial Hospital and Albany Med is about document sharing. That's not a minor thing, but it will not impact parking.

  2. So simple, eliminate the historical use of land beneath residential area and it becomes parking area...

    CMH has outgrown "hospital hill". If CMH is looking to expand, there's land available on the North Bay bluff...