Friday, August 22, 2014

Curiouser and Curiouser

A year ago, Per Blomquist presented to the Planning Commission his plan to demolish the houses at 248 and 250 Columbia Street and construct in their place a new building with five apartments.

At that meeting, then city attorney Cheryl Roberts, in her capacity as counsel to the Planning Commission, misinterpreted the Schedule of Bulk and Area Regulations and set in motion nine months of unnecessary turmoil over the alleged 1,500 square foot minimum requirement for apartments in the R-4 zone. The first casualty of that snafu was Blomquist's plan for 248 and 250 Columbia Street. The Zoning Board of Appeals denied him an area variance in November 2013.

In May, when clearer heads prevailed and it was finally acknowledged that 1,500 square feet pertained to lot size not apartment size, it was thought that Blomquist might resurrect his plan, but he didn't. 

Last week, Gossips noticed someone on the roof of one of the buildings, apparently making repairs. Could it be that Blomquist had a change of heart and was thinking of rehabbing the houses instead of demolishing them? Then today Gossips noticed this.

The houses, now almost completely boarded up, have been spray painted gold.

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