Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Share Your Thoughts About Seventh Street Park

Last night, at the Hudson FORWARD meeting, Sheena Salvino and Branda Maholtz handed out a few paper copies of the survey seeking the community's thoughts about Seventh Street Park. Today the survey can be completed online. Just click here.

If you were one of the few who got a paper copy of the survey last night, you are asked to fill it out again online. One of the items on the survey proved a little confusing--making people uncertain about how to respond in order to have their opinion accurately noted--so that item has been changed to make it more straightforward.

If you're reading Gossips, you have access to the Internet and can do the survey online, but for those who don't, paper copies of the survey will be available at businesses around the park and at City Hall. The deadline for submitting surveys is October 1.


  1. Can't we get a park like the picture postcard? It's beautiful AND historic! peter meyer

    1. That's what a lot of us want.
      The park designer has no interest in a restoration. She wants her own imprimatur stamped on it--spindly interactive fountains, hipster benches, expensive and complicated tunnel of love for the freight train, an ersatz dog park and obliteration of the fence and movement of the veterans' memorial and jarring rock outcroppings. When people at the meeting brought up bringing back Venus she just looked down at the emails and texts on her smartphone.

  2. I'm with Peter and "Observer" thanks to you both!