Tuesday, August 19, 2014

More Images from the Mystery Album

On Sunday, Gossips published some photographs from an album that found its way to an antique shop in South Burlington, Vermont. There is an effort afoot to identify the family in the pictures and to return the album to their descendants. Today, two new pictures from the album were posted on Flickr. 

The first shows a young woman standing by the stoop of the house where it is believed the family lived and includes the facades of the houses beyond. The slope of the street suggests that, although the only number that can be discerned on the house is 3, that could not have been the house's only number or its final number, because this house appears to have been on the north side--the even side--of a street that runs from east to west.

Then there's this picture, which is thought to have been taken from the stoop of the mystery house.

The picture inspires questions about the nature of the procession, which seems to be made up of six men in quite elaborate uniforms followed by a group of men with their hats doffed. Of interest, too, are the buildings across the street from the mystery house. Except for the one that appears to be under construction, most of them seem not to be houses, although the opposite side of the street seems to be nothing but houses.

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