Thursday, August 14, 2014

On the Subject of Marina Abramovic

Gossips long ago stopped linking to every article about Marina Abramovic and her plans to create the Marina Abramovic Institute here in Hudson. An exception occurred at the beginning of this month, when it was reported that there were four positions available at MAI but none paid a salary. Now there's this: "When exactly did Marina Abramovic jump the shark?"


  1. It's interesting that she did not answer the question about how she's going to use the Kickstarter $660,000.

  2. Very interesting.
    Certainly not on her "employees"

  3. ' Maybe the new disdain for Abramovic stems from a sense that she has “sold out.” '

    Maybe it's because the empress has no clothes.

  4. It seems a bit tragic when someone with substantial resources wants free labor. Perhaps the new art movement should be neo-feudalism. Artist as king.

  5. Hudson has attracted two 'someones' with substantial resources who want whatever they can get for free.

    Neither of whom live here in our town.