Friday, August 8, 2014

Tall Ship on Our Waterfront

Yesterday, a reader alerted Gossips to the presence of a tall ship tied up at the city dock in Henry Hudson Riverfront Park.

As it turns out, the ship is not yet another of Guy Falkenheimer's acquisitions but the Amara Zee, the floating home (and stage) of the Caravan Stage Company, a professional touring theater company from Kingston, Ontario. According to their published itinerary, the company is on the way from Ossining, where they performed on August 2 and 3, back home to Kingston, where they are scheduled to perform next weekend, but an article that appeared yesterday in the Canadian news source The Star reveals that the tall ship is in exile. 

The Star reports that the Amara Zee was originally classified as a pleasure ship but has been reclassified by Transport Canada as a commercial enterprise. Paul Kirby, the captain and artistic director, is quoted as saying, "If we come into Canada they will seize the ship." So, the company is hanging out on the Hudson River while they try to cancel their Canadian registry and register the Amara Zee as a U.S. pleasure vessel. How long they plan to stay in Hudson is not known, but the tall ship was still there this morning.   

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  1. The Caravan Stage Company will be performing its show "Hacked, the Treasure of the Empire" on August 13rd, 14th and 15th (Wednesday, Thursday and Friday) on its ship, the Amara Zee docked in the Waterfront Park in Hudson. The entrance is free, but donation are very welcome. Bring a chair or something to sit on and enjoy the show!