Friday, August 15, 2014

Fifties Garage Is Coming Down

Another appendage to a historic building in Hudson is coming down. The demolition of the garage added to the Armory in 1957 began today.

The original plan was to build a two-story "medical wing" on the footprint of the garage, but that plan has been abandoned. If there are plans for using the vacant space left when the garage is gone (for parking perhaps?), they have not been made public. When the Planning Board--then still a Planning Commission--reviewed and approved the site plan, the new addition was part of the plan.


  1. If there are HPC approved plans?- There had better be. -I can only hope they are very careful, when demoing the walls that connect to the original Westside of Armory's exterior, the demo crew is very careful and properly supervised by someone qualified...I do not understand , since the Medical Bldg. was scrapped, ( a blessing ,as is the scrapping of the new and approved, Southside entrance) and would have covered,most of the west side of the building ...that a) why that was approved in the first place by HPC?
    b) The original approvals from HPC for West,South Exteriors have now become a completely new projects and require review and approval from HPC,
    for these changes.
    The West side of Armory is very prominent visually,Historically protected and was and if restored, beautiful in it's simplicity.
    As many know"The armory is three-story medieval gothic military style building designed by Isaac G. Perry, who is considered to have been the first state architect in New York. In 1883, governor Grover Cleveland appointed him to oversee construction activities at the state capitol." Hudson is lucky to have one."It was constructed in 1898, and occupied by the New York State Army National Guard into the 1960s. It is currently being reviewed for individual listing on the National Register of Historic Places."
    The last photo will show Armory Westside exterior pre- garage. ( Visualize it without chain link fence.) not greatest photo.
    I have done work on a number of Isaac G. Perry's Armories ,throughout NYC, and are very fond of them.Perry's Armory exterior in Saratoga Springs was nicely restored, correctly,simply & on a tight budget and is the New York State Military Museum.

  2. Looks like an improvement back to the original footprint .. but who knows what the end result will be ?