Wednesday, August 20, 2014

More Images from the Mystery Album

This morning, two more pictures from the mystery album, created by a family in Hudson and recently discovered in an antique shop in South Burlington, Vermont, were posted on Flickr. The location of one of them is readily identified. 

The shingle on the house behind the young man in the picture reads "Dr. A. N. Tracy." According to the 1912 Hudson city directory, Dr. Tracy was a "homeopathic physician" who lived and practiced at 410 Union Street. What would have been just to the left in this picture, but out of the frame, is the Hudson Post Office, newly constructed in 1909. The picture below, from Historic Hudson's Rowles Studio Collection, taken in November 1923, shows the fate, a decade or so later, of 410 Union Street and several of its neighbors.

Identifying 410 Union Street in this picture from the album doesn't help much in locating the house and the block where it is believed the family lived. The second picture that was posted on Flickr today shows that block again.

This picture was taken from more or less the same vantage point as the picture of the parade or procession that was posted yesterday, but at a later date. The four-bay house that was under construction in the picture of the procession is finished in the picture of the motorcycle.

One thing that is clear is that the mystery street is not Union Street. The picture below, taken of a parade in 1917 to encourage people to buy Liberty Bonds to support the Great War, shows Union Street just east of 410 Union. The street is much wider, and the houses on the south side of the street bear no resemblance to the buildings on the opposite side of the mystery block.

So the questions remain: Where was this house, and who lived in it from around 1911 to 1919?


  1. Wish I could walk about Hudson. The mystery street has aspects that reminds me a bit of Partition St. I had a friend who lived there in the 60's. This would be Partition St. behind the church that lost its' steeple.. Partition running off 4th Street Park up to 5th & Allen. Someone get out there and solve this. ;)

  2. The placement of the "3" on the mystery house is just slightly left of center, which suggests there is only one missing digit, if any. So that would seem to place the building on the lower end of one of the city's main E-W streets, in the "30" block of a cross street (maybe even the west side of Front Street?), or on an otherwise short street.

    Re the second pic, I'm not sure if you are saying the PO is in or out of the frame. I first took it to be the PO, as the window is very similar. But the rest of the detailing (frieze, balustrade, etc.) does not match the current PO.

    1. I strongly agree with your reply regarding the mystery house (is it really in Hudson) & the second pic of 410 Union is not the Hudson P.O. All of the buildings in the Alley & the rear of South Warren 400 block are not in the picture. Nor is the sidewalk of Washington Park, aka 4th St. Park.

    2. Yes, and if you look to the background of the supposed demo-type PO pic, those seem to be hills back there! No?