Sunday, August 3, 2014

What's It to Be?

It's not obvious if work has begun inside the armory or not to create the spaces that are to be the senior center and the Hudson Area Library, but since mid-April, extensive work has been going on outside the building. What was previously the front lawn of the armory has been torn up, concrete walls have be added beside the steps to the front porch, and concrete walls and piers are being created around the perimeter.

A year ago, when the plans for the armory's transformation into the Galvan Communnity Center were presented to the Historic Preservation Commission, the focus was on the south side of the building, where the entrance to the library was to be, and the west side of the building, where a new "medical wing" was to be constructed. Somewhere along the line, without fanfare or public announcement, the medical wing was scrapped, and so was the plan for the library entrance on State Street.

It now seems that nothing that was granted a certificate of appropriateness by the HPC is actually being done. What does seem to be happening is that the "plaza," which was originally proposed for the State Street side of the building, is being created in some reconfigured form on the North Fifth Street side of the building. The library's website talks about "a large plaza, with a stone surface, shade trees, benches, chairs and tables, bluestone 'seating steps' and grass where people can sit and read." It also still describes this plaza as "facing our new entrance on State Street," which apparently isn't going to exist.

The armory is the centerpiece of a locally designated historic district, so the question asked in April and still unanswered is: Why haven't the plans for whatever is being constructed at the North Fifth Street entrance to the building been presented to the Historic Preservation Commission?


  1. Apparently only Richard Cohens property is of any concern.

    GALVAN continues their waltz unquestioned ...

  2. Yes,that is an excellent question,especially since Galvan is breaking Hudson Law.
    "Why haven't the plans for whatever is being constructed at the North Fifth Street entrance to the building been presented to the Historic Preservation Commission?"
    So is this, "Dig a hole and get a permit later",once again?

  3. Which Hudson law(s) is Galvan breaking?
    And which organization and/or person should be pressing charges?

    1. I will try to brief. Code is Law ,but you should read it yourself, and I'm on a deadline.
      City of Hudson, NY~ Charter/Code
      Chapter 169:Historic Preservation

      169-5 Certificate of appropriateness for alteration,demolition,or new construction.
      A certificate of appropriateness is required to carry out any exterior alteration, additions, restoration, reconstruction, demolition, new construction, or moving of a landmark or property within an historic district, or to make any material change in the appearance of such a property or its windows, or install or move a satellite dish. This certificate is to be obtained prior to obtaining a building permit. A certificate of appropriateness must be obtained even if a building permit is not required.
      169-12 Enforcement
      All work performed pursuant to a certificate of appropriateness issued under this chapter shall conform to any requirements included therein.
      It shall be the duty of the Building Code Enforcement Officer to inspect periodically any such work to assure compliance. In the event work is found that is not being performed in accordance with the certificate of appropriateness, or upon notification of such fact by the Historic Preservation Commission,
      the Building Code Enforcement Officer shall issue a stop-work order and all work shall immediately cease.
      No further work shall be undertaken on the project as long as a stop-work order is in
      169-15 Penalties for offences
      A.Failure to comply with any of the provisions of this chapter shall be deemed a violation, and the violator shall be liable to a
      fine of not more than $250 for each day the violation continues.

      B. Any person who demolishes, alters, constructs, or permits a designated property to fall into a serious state of disrepair in
      violation of this chapter shall be required to restore the property and its site to its appearance prior to the violation. Any action
      to enforce this subsection shall be brought by the City Attorney.
      This civil remedy shall be in addition to and not in lieu of any

      criminal prosecution and penalty

    2. Therefore Hudson's latest Building Code Enforcement Officer is lacking in their duties? Or are we waiting for the paperwork/press release?

  4. Did anyone expect Galvan to do as they planned?
    They do what they want.

  5. Rumor has it that Galvan is stockpiling rental space for the newly released and diagnosed. if so, shouldn't citizens preview the numbers?

    I'm all for second chances and maximum care but increasing the concentration of welfare recipients might be a concern to ponder sooner rather than later.

    1. I've heard this too. Federal money to line his pockets

  6. How is it no one seems to know what the front of the
    library will look like? I saw the old version and was puzzled about what was going on ... thought I missed something.
    According to city Code its a violation ... why has it been allowed to go on so long? We have a building inspector, a city attorney and a Historic Preservation Committee when will they act? Is this a case of ...too big to prosecute?
    When it comes to a home owner making a minor renovation/repair the building inspector shows up and insists it go before the HPC. This is a case of unequal enforcement of the code.
    This is a test of the HPC ... enforce the code or lose credibility as an aesthetic governing body.

    1. there is no equal enforcement here

    2. Stamped Architectural,measured elevations ,materials identified,Structural engineered blueprints ,that meet NYS&Fire Safety Code ,Hudson Code for HPC, and Fed. ADA Code ,must be submitted and reviewed,approved by Bldg Dept.for a Bldg. Permit.and to HPC for a C.of A. in a Designated Historic District or structure.
      Drawing on a napkin or some CAD generated pretty picture presentation sales pitch is meaningless.
      There is no room in the Law for mystery or guessing as to what a is going to be built and how.If changes are made,the process begins again. All of the approvals must be on the record.

  7. Clearly someone has a site plan and details ... HPC will be the last to know ... then it will be discussed to death on this very blog.