Wednesday, October 30, 2013

405 Warren Street: The Saga Continues

On the first of June, Galvan Partners, represented by Martha Martinez, Mark Greenberg's legal assistant, outbid John Knott and Bill Better, bidding as Warren Hudson LLC, for 405 Warren Street. The winning bid was $354,000. When it came time to close on the sale, Galvan walked away, citing title issues as the reason.

It seems that, after the City relocated the tenants that remained in the building, and the Department of Public Works dealt with the rats and cockroaches, disconnected the unsafe boiler, and generally emptied and cleaned out the building, Galvan had a change of heart and decided to go through with the purchase. Another closing was scheduled for a couple of weeks ago, but once again, Galvan backed out.

Meanwhile, this sign appeared recently at the corner of Fifth and Warren streets, on the sidewalk alongside TrustCo Bank.

Reverend Godfrey Forbes, leader of the Holy Temple First Church of God in Christ, maintains that the church, not he, owns 405 Warren Street, and the building should have been exempt from property taxes. The City could not, therefore, rightfully seize the property for nonpayment of taxes because no taxes were owed. The City, which has never granted the building tax exempt status, disagrees with him, and so far so do the courts.

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