Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The Mayor Will Not Debate

Although there was some misinformation floating about late last week that Mayor William Hallenbeck had agreed to debate his challenger, Victor Mendolia, the Register-Star reports today that he has declined to participate: "Hallenbeck nixes Hudson mayoral debate." Hallenbeck's principal reason for refusing is that he is too busy running the city to prepare for a debate, but he offers a few more excuses, among them: he never got a "formal invitation" to debate from Mendolia; since WGXC was involved and Mendolia did a radio show on WGXC (on hiatus now because of the election), the debate might not be handled fairly; nobody else in the county is doing a debate. 

Mendolia's response, entitled "No Vision, Empty Promises, No Debate About It" and accompanied by this image, can be read here.

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