Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Gossips' Most Popular Picture

Many pictures have been taken by Gossips over the years and published on The Gossips of Rivertown, but none has turned out to be as popular (popularity being measured by how often it appears on other websites) as this one of William H. Hallenbeck, Jr.

Taken by Gossips before the mayoral debate in 2011 and first published with Gossips' report on that debate, the picture has in recent weeks appeared on Hallenbeck's 2013 campaign website--without attribution but with the following caption: "Mayor William H. Hallenbeck Jr. poses for the cameras before the 2012 Nicholas Haddad and William H. Hallenbeck Jr. Debate."

Democratic mayoral candidate Victor Mendolia used part of the picture to create his satirical "Bill in the Box" image, lampooning Hallenbeck for refusing to debate him during this election cycle.

Now we discover that WGXC has picked up the picture on its website to announce tomorrow morning's special @Issue interview with the incumbent mayor--again without attribution.

The interview, which will be conducted by Tom DePietro, begins at 10 a.m. Listeners are urged to call in with questions and comments: (518) 828-0290 or Skype wgxc90.7.

Gossips Note: At sometime on Wednesday, WGXC changed the picture of Hallenbeck used on their website.

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  1. ...mayor hallenbeck closed the north dock while the chamber of commerce uses photos of our boats on all their publications, we know the feeling...