Sunday, October 13, 2013

Adios, Tortillaville

It has hardly been a secret that Brian Branigan and Allison Culbertson have been looking to sell the shiny taco truck we know and love as Tortillaville, and it's finally happened. After five years, 40,000 burritos, and 25,000 tacos, Hudson's first modern-day food truck is going to have new owners, Bruce and Deanna Gardom, and a new name: Once Upon a Taco.

Branigan calls the departure bittersweet. "We love Hudson and Tortillaville, but the time has come for us to move on. We just want to thank all of our customers. It has been a great pleasure to serve you." For those who love continuity and hate change, the word is that the new owners are planning to use some and perhaps eventually all of the Tortillaville recipes, and the screen door will remain.

Next weekend, October 17 through 20, will be Tortillaville's last, but once again, for the last time, Branigan and Culbertson are offering the winter stash of frozen burritos. If you want the taste of Tortillaville to carry you through the winter, place your orders now.

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