Monday, October 21, 2013

Peter Wurster's Farewell

According to some reports, tomorrow--October 22--is Peter Wurster's last day as Hudson's code enforcement officer. He may, however, be staying on until the end of the week. Whether he'll be in the position for one more day or four more, this is how Wurster bid farewell today to a Hudson property owner trying to FOIL a document from his office.


  1. A picture is worth a thousand words... Good luck Pete!

  2. Next stop, Pete's Gone Fishin'. Think I'll have the codfish fingers.

  3. People come to Hudson, move in on the truck route and expect it to be re-routed. Others get to the entrapped river’s edge and are amazed that local fisher folk gather there. And everyone wants to employ Pete to hammer them into submission.

    No wonder he feels that way…

    Happy trails brother!

    1. Building Dept. has nothing to do with NYS Truck Rte. or restricting access to the river.
      Don't know of any "new comers" who belong to HPBA., or any "locals" who want their home's shaken to the foundation or their kids run over by 53' trucks with sleeper cabs off the NYS throughway on their way& back to the recent and ever expanding Greenport Mega -Store plaza .

      .Good thing "local son" Wurster is ducking out now or soon the "local son" Mayor would have him hammering these signs on the doors of shacks at Furgary.

      .........was inspected on this date by Building Inspector and determined to present a clear and imminent danger to the life, health or safety to anyone occupying the structure

      Pursuant to section 101-11 of the Hudson City Code,the Mayor of the City of Hudson has therefore authorized the Building Inspector via attached order, to immediately remove unsafe structure. The structure will be removed as soon as possible.....

      Which would have been caused by....


      "Allowing a building to fall into such a state of disrepair that it becomes necessary or desirable to demolish it. Property owners[in this case the City of Hudson] have been accused of permitting demolition by neglect on purpose, in order to save demolition costs" [in this case to save a lot of red tape].

    2. With neighbors like this, who needs enemies. I have had a house on the truck route for 13 years -- am I a newcomer? My neighbor bought his house on the truck route 50 years ago this month. Is he a newcomer? We both want it moved.

    3. I've had a house on the truck route for 13 years. My neighbor on the truck route bought his house 50 years ago this month. There is only one thing that could be worse -- if we had a neighbor with a "f*ck you" attitude. Thank goodness for nice neighbors.

    4. To someone who's lived here for sixty years, yes and making Pete hammer an eviction notice on the perfectly good garage of a neighbor is exactly the point. Shacks are just a byproduct of the historical use. They've been there as long as the truck route. The TR can me moved, river staying where it is.

  4. I've known your family ever since their business was located in the 300 block of Warren St. many years ago & would like to wish you peace & success with your future plans in the area.

  5. hope your next situation at bubba beans is fulfilling

  6. He's the David Cerny of Hudson!!