Sunday, October 6, 2013

Book Notes

In late September, Lisa Dolan, literacy coach for the Hudson City School District, who writes a weekly column called "Lisa's List" for the Register-Star, interviewed Debby Mayer and reviewed her memoir, Riptides & Solaces Unforeseen. Dolan describes Mayer's memoir as "a personal, honest, often brutal account of her life partner Dan's rapid passage from life to death. And all that happened in between." The column appears in its entirety on Mayer's blog, 2becomes1.

Gossips learned recently that Byrne Fone's book Historic Hudson: An Architectural Portrait is now out of stock, and the publisher, Black Dome Press, is "looking into the possibility of a new printing." This is an important book for Hudson. The Spotty Dog regularly reports that Historic Hudson is the best selling book in the shop, and it is referred to often in comments by readers of The Gossips of Rivertown. Perhaps a flurry of requests from people who count on Historic Hudson continuing to be available will persuade the publisher to do a reprinting sooner rather than at some undefined later date. You can make that request here.

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