Saturday, October 12, 2013

Mea Culpa

In May, Gossips reported that the weekend suspension of alternate side of the street parking lasted until the end of October. I was reporting that had been said at a public meeting, and I accepted it as true. Since no one told me the information was incorrect--and I know The Gossips of Rivertown is read in City Hall, although not by the mayor--I continued to believe the truth of what I had reported and to act on it. As we moved into October, I kept parking in front of my house on both weekend nights and planned to warn readers as the end of October approached that the summer relaxation of the parking rules was about to end.

To my dismay, when William and I headed out this morning for our first walk of the day, I discovered a parking ticket on my car and worse on the cars of many of my neighbors. When an urgent email to Council president Don Moore, who I recall was the source of my information, yielded no response, I consulted the Hudson Police Department Facebook page to discover that indeed the weekend suspension of alternate side of the street parking came to an end at the end of September. Obviously, I need to visit that Facebook page more often.


  1. Me too!!! I'm going to lobby for this to end November 1. It's way too early even if there is a surprise snow storm.

  2. same here - an absurd surprise