Wednesday, October 30, 2013

What Was There

The hole has been dug at 215 Union Street for the foundation of what will be the "reassembled" historic house that, until about ten weeks ago, stood at 900 Columbia Street.

The excavation has revealed what appears to be the foundation of a previous building. That piqued my curiosity and sent me to the History Room at the Hudson Area Library to consult the Beers Atlas maps and find out what had been on the site before.

The 1888 map shows the Worth House barns, where the horses of hotel guests were stabled, directly across Union Street from the lot in question, and on the easternmost part of the lot is the home of Thomas Tilley. Tilley's house also appears on this site in the 1873 atlas. Thomas Tilley was a partner in the clothing store Tilley & Aldcrofft, which was located at the southeast corner of Warren and Fourth streets, where Face Stockholm is now.


  1. Carole,

    Do you know when these large entry overhangs were introduced to Warren Street shops? Is this a late-19th-century thing?

  2. Tilley & Aldcrofft! A very proper British-sounding establishment!

  3. And as per the map a ton of Irishmen. Whence comes my Papa's family.