Tuesday, October 22, 2013

From the West . . . and from the North

At the stormy Planning Commission public hearing last Wednesday, about the adaptive reuse of the Armory, Helen Arrott, of Citizens in Defense of Hudson, asked to see the elevation drawings for the proposed new addition to the building. She was told that the Planning Commission had only the site plan. The building design had been reviewed and approved by the Historic Preservation Commission.

When the design for the building was presented to the Historic Preservation Commission, there was much discussion among HPC members about the proposed "medical wing," but the elevations for the addition were not presented in a way that allowed the public to see them. So today, Gossips asked HPC chair Rick Rector for copies of those elevations, and he provided them.

The first shows the facade that faces Short Street.

The outlines at the top and to the right show the contours of the original building, to which the new construction connects.

The drawing below shows the elevation from Rope Alley.

The new addition's appearance from the north side (Rope Alley) is virtually the same as it is from the south side (State Street) except the south side is missing the westernmost pair of windows on the second and third floors. That's where the entrance to the building is.

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