Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Dog Tales: William's Weekend

At 15 going on 16, William has his good days and his bad days. Saturday was a good day. He went to Christ Church to be blessed. Then we walked home along Warren Street, stopping for lunch at Tortillaville, treats at Hudson Wine Merchants, and chicken at Bruno's. It was before one o'clock, and LICK hadn't open yet, so we couldn't get ice cream. But when we got home, I fixed him my own version of a Betsy's Bow Wow, just so he would have the whole gamut of treats he's grown to expect on a walk from Fourth to Second on Warren Street.

Sunday was a bad day. William went out for only the shortest of potty walks--to the tree in front of the house and back in again. And he wouldn't eat. My favorite trick to encourage him to eat--grating Parmesan cheese on his food--wasn't working. I grated heaps of Parmesan cheese over Turkey Medley, over Chicken Stew, over Savory Beef Recipe. He would eat none of it. By evening, although offered breakfast, lunch, and dinner, William had eaten nothing at all. 

I thought of driving out to PetSmart to buy a brand of food that had been recommended to me, but I decided to go with a sure thing: Tortillaville chicken. It was after 6:30. I figured I had just enough time to get there before they closed. I didn't want to risk going to the cash machine and possibly getting there too late. I would just ask for as much chicken as the seven dollars in my wallet would buy, hoping it would be enough for one good meal.

Realizing the chicken was for William and William wasn't eating, Brian and Allison were beyond generous. They gave me enough chicken for several meals. Later, after I had called Brian to report that Tortillaville chicken had done the trick--William had scarfed it down!--Brian came to our house with even more chicken! 

Thanks to Brian and Allison, happiness and contentment reign at Gossips Central. William has been feasting lavishly on Tortillaville chicken. When I mix a little with his kibble, he eats the kibble, too. They've promised to give me the secret recipe for their chops lickin' good chicken, so the culinary delight can continue . . . until William's fickle taste changes.

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  1. Glad to hear that William is eating again... nothing is more stressful than when a dog stops eating. Big kudos to Tortillaville for coming to the rescue.