Sunday, July 24, 2011

At the Stroke of Midnight

I was reminded this morning of the episode from Friends in which one of Phoebe's customers, Mrs. Adelman, dies on Phoebe's massage table, and her spirit enters Phoebe. Apparently, Mrs. Adelman wanted to see everything before she died, and she had unfinished business. 

While inhabited by Mrs. Adelman's spirit, Phoebe, along with the other friends, goes to the wedding of Ross's ex-wife, Carol, and her partner, Susan. When the minister begins, "We're gathered here today to join Carol and Susan in holy matrimony," the spirit of Mrs. Adelman, through Phoebe, declares "Now I've seen everything!" and departs. 

Had Mrs. Adelman been a Hudsonian and somehow present at the stroke-of-midnight nuptials at TSL, she might have had the same reaction--not because Linda and Claudia were getting married, but because Rick Scalera was performing the ceremony.

Jamie Larson has the story of the event in today's Register-Star: "BREAKING NEWS: Hudson in running for first gay marriage."     

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