Tuesday, July 19, 2011

More About First Ward Trees

Back in May 2010, Gossips celebrated the first bloom of a Japanese tree lilac--Syringa Reticula 'Ivory Silk'--on South Second Street. It was one of several trees that had been planted, from Allen Street to State Street, as a gift to the City from Eric Galloway. By the spring of 2010, several of the trees were dying or already dead, but this tree survived and was in bloom for the first time and only time. 

By spring 2011, none of the trees along this stretch of South Second Street was alive. All had succumbed to the challenges of being a street tree in Hudson and stood along the curb like upended hearth brooms, leafless and lifeless.

Last weekend, Gossips noticed that the dead trees were gone. Some investigation discovered that Galloway had ordered them removed and has promised to replace them. Whether with more Japanese tree lilacs or with some other species is not known.

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  1. Please property owners who actually own the sidewalks(aren't we lucky)take care of the trees - water them, love them and they will survive. It's up to us, too!