Wednesday, July 6, 2011

HCSD Board Elects New Officers

Audra Jornov reports in today's Register-Star that the school board has elected its officers for the new year: "HCSD sets officers, takes on multiple issues." Jeff Otty was elected president; Peter Merante was elected vice president. It will be remembered that in the recent budget ordeal, which resulted in a 9.8 increase in the school tax levy, Jeff Otty minimized the significance of the popular vote that soundly rejected the proposed 2011-12 HCSD budget by saying that only 18 percent of the voters had turned out, and Peter Merante first voted to adopt the rejected budget but then had a change of heart and opposed adopting it.  

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  1. We did, at least, reduce the transportation budget by $100,000 last night; that shaved all of .6 off the tax levy hike. We've got a long ways to go....