Saturday, July 9, 2011

DEC Gives Opinion on Paving

Jamie Larson reports in today's Register-Star that the paving done on the "causeway" through South Bay is "in compliance with the regulations of a fresh water wetlands permit": "DEC: Causeway work legit."  

Although city attorney Cheryl Roberts has expressed the opinion that a site plan review must be conducted and approval given by the Hudson Planning Commission before the repaved old rail bed can be used for hauling gravel to the river, Gossips has received unsubstantiated reports that the route is already being used by gravel trucks. 

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  1. Can anyone cite an instance when the DEC's Mike Higgins and Bill Clarke acted against the interests of a mining company in the past 20 years?

    Higgins and Clarke refer to this as an "existing roadway," even though DOT has not given permission for trucks to turn onto it, and even though the two were intimately involved with the vetting of the SLC DEIS -- which referred to this some dozen times as an "inactive, abandoned railroad bed."

    Just calling it an existing road doesn't make it so, and both Holcim and DEC skipped several major steps in this process.

    --Sam P.