Friday, July 15, 2011

Hudson's Oldest House

Gossips has heard that there's an accepted offer on the Robert Taylor House, believed to be the oldest surviving house in Hudson, predating the arrival of the Proprietors in 1783 and the incorporation of the City of Hudson in 1785.  


  1. I've always had a fantasy of cranking this beautiful house up onto the hill behind it. Such a great building really needs to be saved from further deterioration.

  2. I received this comment about the Robert Taylor House:

    Windle, I couldn't agree more. As a grandchild of the previous owners, I have fond memories of the house (including the small attic space with the windows) and the vast yard. At one time neighbors used to walk down a path behind the property to get to Tanners Lane and Cross Street. My mother grew up in the house and has vivid memories, including that of the neighboring Tanners Lane, where her sweetheart (and husband of many, many years) grew up, as do I of childhood friends.--Linda

  3. Now that's a real blessing. This wonderful building is in such a horrible state and the asking price for it seems so absurd. Whomever is taking on this 'labor of love' is a real miracle worker !