Saturday, July 23, 2011

Phil Gellert Back in the News

Jamie Larson has a story about Phil Gellert in today's Register-Star, specifically about Gellert's claim that he is the victim of selective enforcement by Assistant Code Enforcement Officer Kenneth Ellsworth: "Gellert citations coming fast and furious." Larson gets one thing wrong: the name of Gellert's company is Northern Empire Realty (how's that for delusions of grandeur?) not Northern Hudson Real Estate. According to the article, the Gellert building that has been cited most often for violations over the years is this converted barn at 718-720 Union Street. The first picture shows the entrance to the building, off Cherry Alley. The second shows the view of the building from the street. 


  1. not sure how I pulled that one off. long day. should be fixed online soon.

  2. The fenced in Cherry Alley area used to be Phils "processing center."
    Once his tenants were evicted their possessions would be brought to this site then culled through for valuables. Was entertainment viewable from the back windows of the diner. When the pile of mattresses and clothes got overwhelming, complaints would be filed and Gellert would eventually clean up the lot to make room for more.... and he makes his money from DSS - which is our taxes at work.

  3. Bravo, Inspector Ellsworth ! Gellert should have been run out of town a long time ago.