Saturday, July 23, 2011

The Hudson Chainsaw Massacre

This was the scene this morning after the tree crew had done its work in the side yard of 25 Union Street.

The larger of the two spruce trees that were cut had been visible from the river--a part of the Hudson skyline. This montage, provided by a Gossips reader, juxtaposes the view from the train station before (left) and after (right).

There have been reports that the tree next to 123 Union Street is scheduled to be the next victim. 


  1. What happened to that tree committee that was supposed to document and protect Hudsons old trees ???

  2. I spent two summers documenting the DBH, species, and UTM coordinates of some of Hudson's oldest trees. Coincidentally, the two Norway Spruces Mr. Galloway unilaterally deemed disposable, were the inspiration for that documentation. I have yet to publish the results of the survey effort but rest assured they will be part of a body of evidence advocating for the protection Hudson's Heritage Trees.

    It is any surprise that Mr Galloway has such a profound disrespect for not only the wishes of the communities he irrevocably alters, but the history and character that make them places we've chosen to live? Not really. But this particular act demonstrates his nascent imperialism in the lower reaches of the First Ward. Our neighborhood is being fundamentally re-envisioned on scales not seen in generations and we, his supposed neighbors, have been continually insulted by his refusal to work with our minor requests. His insolence and tyranny continues on with with impunity, unabated by minor pleas for concession.

    Its worth noting that the oldest (non clone) tree in the world is a Norway Spruce. Many cities across this country have municipal protections for trees of this age & importance. England and Ireland have national protections for trees whose DBH exceeds 10" and are not in eminent danger of causing harm to property or person. Neither of which was the case with the Heritage Spruces of Lower Union (RIP).