Saturday, July 9, 2011

Hudson Valley National Park

On Wednesday, Congressman Maurice Hinchey and Senator Kirsten Gillibrand reintroduced legislation to fund a study on designating the Hudson River Valley--from Fort Edward in Washington County to southern Westchester County--a unit of the National Park Service.  


  1. What a great idea. Next we can make the entire Mississippi River Valley a National Park, then the entire Missouri Valley, the Ohio River Valley, the Connecticut River Valley, the Red River Valley, the Snake River Valley, the Colorado River Valley, the Arkansas River Valley, the Columbia River Valley -- we can make the entire country a National Park, to be run by the Feds and Ned Sullivan!

  2. So that there is no confusion between me and any other "Samuel" who comments here, I am Jock Spivy and I am looking forward to turning everything in the USA into a National Park.