Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Books for Sale!

The Friends of the Hudson Area Library typically have a used book sale on the first Saturday of every month in the book room at the back of the north wing of 400 State Street. The books they sell are books that have been donated to the library, and the income from selling the books, at ridiculously low prices, eventually makes its way back to the library. 

This summer, the Friends have scheduled two sales a month--one on the first Saturday of the month, the other on the third Saturday. The next one is coming up this Saturday, July 16. Other sales are scheduled for August 6 and August 20.

The book room is overflowing with books, and one reason for the glut is that, in anticipation of a move to some still undetermined location, the library board has decided to get rid of 6,000 books. So far, Gossips has learned, the library director has turned 500 novels over to the Friends to sell, and presumably there will be more to come. In the 21st century, why does a library need books anyway?

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