Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Progress on Your Corner

Back in April, when the Galvan Partners' project for Union and First streets came before the Zoning Board of Appeals, engineer Charles Vieni said, when asked by ZBA member Sheryl Shetsky about the construction schedule, that work would start in mid-May "and proceed from there as we go." Work began at the site over the weekend, more than six weeks after the projected start date. 

On Saturday morning, a trio of workers wearing disposable dust masks arrived at 6 a.m. and began removing the asbestos siding from the old house that stands on the lot. By Sunday, when this picture was taken, the house had been stripped of its outer skin and awaited the next step in its destruction.

This morning, a backhoe arrived, along with a number of workers and at least one representative of the Department of Public Works. The backhoe’s first task was to dig up the old sidewalk around the perimeter of the lot. Shortly after noon today, Gossips got word that the backhoe had started digging the hole for the buildings’ foundations. At some point, perhaps, the backhoe will be tasked with ripping down the walls of the old house.

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