Saturday, July 2, 2011

Who Writes This Stuff?

The Register-Star has a photo with caption about Walking the dog Theater's upcoming production at PS/21 in Chatham: ""Uridice' under the tent." The name of the play is misspelled (it should be Eurydice, of course), the name of the playwright is misspelled (it's Sarah, not Sara, Ruhl, who, incidentally, received a MacArthur Fellowship--also known as a "Genius Award"--in 2006), and the names of three characters in the play--in addition to Eurydice, of course--are misspelled (Loudstone, Bigstone, and Littlestone should be Loud Stone, Big Stone, and Little Stone).

But don't be put off. Charles Isherwood described Sarah Ruhl's Eurydice as a "devastatingly lovely--just plain devastating--theatrical gloss on the Orpheus myth," and Gossips is looking forward to seeing what David Anderson, who's directing the Walking the dog production, does with it.     

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  1. I have David Anderson scheduled as a guest on my radio program this Thursday, July 7th 2-3pm

    Also Cara Benson from Millay Colony for the Arts, and photographers Nick Kahn & Richard Selesnick who have an exhibition at Carrie Haddad Photograph Gallery (July 7 - August 14).