Thursday, July 28, 2011

Repaving the Way

At Wednesday night's Public Works Committee meeting, Rob Perry, DPW superintendent, shared the list of streets scheduled for repaving this fall--not any too soon for some of the streets on the list, like this stretch of Allen Street where a crew recently filled in the potholes. Perry says it's possible that some of the streets now on the list may be removed if they run out of money. 
  • Graham Avenue from Route 66 to Fairview Avenue
  • Fairview Avenue from Graham Avenue to Green Street
  • Green Street from Fairview Avenue to McKinstry Place
  • Storm Avenue from Route 66 to Aitken Avenue
  • Warren Street from Worth Avenue to Seventh Street
  • Allen Street from Front Street to Third Street
  • Cross Street from Front Street to Tanners Lane
  • Harry Howard Avenue from Washington Street to the north entrance to Crosswinds
  • Power Avenue from East Court Street to just west of HAVE, Inc.
  • Michael Court from Harry Howard to the end

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