Tuesday, July 5, 2011

UPDATE: 408-410 Warren Street

It seems the initial reports received about this building were greatly exaggerated. According to Code Enforcement Officer Peter Wurster, whom Gossips contacted this morning, a leak in the roof caused a dropped ceiling in the living room of a top-floor apartment to fall. Apparently, although Wurster did not confirm this, the falling ceiling caused minor injuries to a number of people who were in the living room at the time.    


  1. Apparently this story made the Albany 6:00 news. A friend just called to tell me. They interviewed Phil Gellert by phone. He blamed the tenants for abusing the building.

  2. This place doesn't look like much - but peal off the layers and you have three delicious greek revival shops with an owner occupied duplex above.

    The moldings and arched shop windows can still be detected upon closer examination.

  3. Wonder what the tenants did to the dropped ceiling to cause it to collapse? A question for Hercule Poirot, indeed.