Saturday, May 9, 2020

Wear a Mask

The window at Five and Diamond is filled with masks, and the shop's proprietor, Lisa Durfee is busy making masks for front line workers and other members of the community.

Wearing a mask helps control the spread of the novel coronavirus. It's a small but very significant thing to do to protect the health of our community.

Today, Gossips launches its own campaign to encourage people to wear masks. Starting today, and on every day for however long it takes, Gossips will run an ad featuring the masked face of someone who should be familiar to readers. Every day, the person with the mask will be different. Gossips has invited all of our current elected officials (so far only three have responded), some past officials, and other community members to participate by submitting a selfie of themselves wearing a mask. 

Look for the ad every day and try to identify who is behind the mask. Keep a list of the faces you see. On Friday, the first person to email with a list of the faces that appeared on that day and the preceding six days will win a bag of cookies from Trixie's Oven, which can be claimed on Saturday morning at Trixie's table at the Hudson Farmers Market. To get you started, the first ad is a giveaway. It's me. The rest may not be so easy.


  1. Thanks for getting out in front of this community effort.

  2. It's really not fair for the person to wear sunglasses AND a mask.