Friday, December 18, 2020

About That Snow

Snow removal is expected to begin at midnight tonight. Here is the information that has been posted on City of Hudson website. 
On the afternoon of Friday, December 18, orange no parking signs will be placed to facilitate snow removal. Look out for the signs and do not park on the same side of the street as the no parking sign.
12/18: 8 AM - Midnight: Park on Both Sides (unless otherwise posted).
12/19: Midnight - 8 AM: park on odd side (unless otherwise posted). Parking on both sides allowed in municipal lots.
Unless otherwise posted, cars can park on either side during the day. On Saturday, December 19, midnight - 8am, cars must be parked on the odd side (unless otherwise posted).
Cars parked on streets that do not have alternate side parking should observe regular parking rules.
Please look out if your car is parked on a street posted with orange "no parking signs," which prohibit parking on that side of the street until the signs are lawfully removed by the Department of Public Works (DPW).
Residents are encouraged to park in municipal lots. Locations include Warren and 3rd, Union and 6th, Columbia and 6th, and S. Front Street Amtrak lot. Overnight parking is allowed on both sides in all municipal lots through Sunday, December 20. All other rules for parking lots are in effect, do not park in fire lanes or block entrances. While coin parking meters are suspended, payment is still required for Amtrak lot parking.
DPW staff have been working overtime shifts on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday responding to the snow. Initial priorities include keeping roads open, clearing sidewalks on city-owned buildings, and clearing crosswalks. Snow removal will begin on Friday night and continue on Saturday night.
Building owners and occupants have 24 hours after a snowfall to clear the sidewalk in front of the building according to the Hudson city code. For buildings on Warren Street, they have 12 hours.


  1. The Hudson City Code demands that all property owners remove snow on their sidewalks within 24 hours of end of snowfall. Today at noon, 26 hours after the end of the snow, ALL 4 of the sidewalks surrounding the 7th Street Park are untouched, still forcing all pedestrians into the street. How long would it take 2 DPW workers with a pair of snowblowers to do what the City expects us all to do? And at least two paths through the park?

  2. Silly bb, you know the rules don't apply to the DPW, only ordinary citizens!