Thursday, December 10, 2020

Another Change in Parking Policy

In November, it was announced that having to put quarters in the parking meters would not be suspended this year as it traditionally has been. This evening, however, Mayor Kamal Johnson announced on his Facebook page a change of heart.
Starting Monday December 14th I will be honoring the tradition of suspending parking meters for the remainder of the month of December. While our city continues to feel the damage of Covid-19 sometimes we will not be able to honor every tradition. However as your Mayor I do promise to always listen and make decisions I feel are best for the survival of our city. I apologize for the inconvenience caused and wish everyone a healthy and happy holidays [sic].


  1. Yet another example of the mayor's inability to lead and hold a coherent policy position. It seems nothing he does is informed by the desire to see the city prosper; rather, he seems to do what he thinks will make him popular. We need a leader, not will-o-the-wisp who bends to every popular sentiment.

  2. If the City of Hudson is facing a shortfall in their proposed budget I would trust that our leadership has entertained providing necessary services only. May I suggest a sales tax increase for a short term period.